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Tombo Octave 21, Double holes harmonica with octave tuning. Each tone is produced with 2 reeds resulting in rich tones. Octave Tuning, Wooden Comb, 42 Reeds 21 Tones, Key of G, A and C available.
The Tombo Octave tuned harmonica is a beautiful instrument, with a unique sound, much loved by players of Irish/Scottish and Cajun music. Because of the special tuning, the sound is almost identical to that of the melodeon.
These harmonicas are "scale-tuned" (full scale, top to bottom) Stainless steel cover-plates and treated wooden comb. Manufactured by hand in the Tombo factory, Japan. These are truly superb harmonicas. They are much favoured by the 12 times all-Ireland champion. Mr. Noel Battle.
Price each 115 plus 5 P.P. in Ireland.
Available in the following keys:
G / A / C
Price includes postage and shipping within Ireland
DENIS NOLAN playing 2 horn pipes on a C octave mouth organ
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