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Repairs & Customisation

I am delighted to tell all purchasers of a harmonica from my website, that you can now have your new harmonica customised  at a special discounted rate, to your exact requirements, by one of the worlds best harmonica technicians, Mr. Cain Hamilton a.k.a. "Sugar Cain". Please see website here: 

  • Slot embossing for improved airflow and efficiency.
  • Reed aliments and burr detection.
  • Signature reed shaping for maximum responses and speed.
  • Overblow and overdraw signature profiling.
  • Hand crafted combs ensuring flat surface and attention to detail.  
  • Precise tuning using a Peterson strobe tuner.
  • Resonator calibrated using BBC's studio bass trapping software.

Additional trade secrets enhancing:

  • Added life expectancy of each reed.
  • Durability and response making each reed work in perfect harmony and working together producing great growl draw bends and squeal free overblow/overdraw notes. 
  • Silk smooth reed plate de-burring ensuring user friend play.
  • Anti reed torsion's to fend off that dread squeal over tone.
  • Cover plate customisation you have never seen done before.  


Sugar Cain will also repair your harmonicas, like new, provided that they are a fairly recent purchase, i.e. 1-2 months old, and can carry out any modifications you may require, including reed replacement, Tuning etc. For more details see website or contact Cain at

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