Traditional Irish Music


There are musical instruments which would be regarded by some experts as “limited” in so far as these instruments, by their physical make-up confine the musiscian to a very narrow field of musical expression. In particular, this perception has always been accepted by myself and many others, where the tremolo harmonica is concerned.

That is, until I met the incredible Henry Creaney. Henry has, with sheer talent and inventiveness elevated this simple diatonic instrument to realms of musical creativity hitherto unheard.
The fourteen tracks on the album are not only a showcase of his ability, but will inspire, entertain and please all lovers of Irish/Scottish and quality music in general.

Henry Creaney is from the lovely County of Kilkenny in Ireland. His love of good music, his soft spoken wit, his indefatigable spirit and his great talent have earned him the love and respect of all who know him.

My friends, it is my great honour to introduce-the incredible Henry Creaney!


1. The Friendly Visit/Off To California
2. Swallows Tail/Heather Breeze
3. Plough And The Stars/Fr. Kellys
4. Silverton Polka
5. Harmonica Musette(H. Creaney)
6. Bird In The Bush/The Sligo Maid
7. The Laird Of Drumblair/Sunshine(H/pipe)
8. My Darling Asleep/The Priest In His Boots/Tobins Fave
9. The 1st House In Connaught/George Whites Fav
10. Humours of Glendart/Rakes of Kildare/Fr. Toms Wager
11. Wise Maid/Green Garters
12. Lakes of Kincora/Cronins Hornpipe
13. Sheehans/Green Gates/Reel
14. Rockspur Castle/Flower of Edinburgh


Henry Creaney – one of the worlds finest harmonica / mouthorgan players. “Henry Creaney Harmonica”. 14 Irish & Scottish traditional music tracks.

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