Only once in a lifetime do we encounter a traditional Irish musiscian of the calibre and ability of Henry Creaney. When you listen to this cd you wil understand that here is a man who is truly the master of his chosen instrument, the diatonic tremolo harmonica.
Henry "plays from the heart" his wonderful interpretation of the seventeen tunes on this cd will entertain, delight, inspire and amaze you. Listen and enjoy his improvisation, great tempo and ornamentations on his lovely instrument.
This is Henry's second album of harmonica music. His first album "Henry Creaney Harmonica" has been very well received by lovers of good music all over the world. Henry Creaney comes from county Kilkenny in Ireland. He is now recognised as the premier exponent of the Tremolo Harmonica in this hemisphere.
Joe Meehan is, without doubt one of the the most accomplished guitarists in Ireland. He plays professionally and has released two albums of traditional Irih music featuring his very tasteful guitar style. His skillful accompaniment on this album creates a memorable experience for the listener. Joe is also a skilled luthier and is in constant demand in recording studios throughout Europe.
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1. Hornpipes-The Sandlark, The Showman's fancy-(key-D)
2. Reels-The Shaskeen, The Copperplate-(key-G)
3. Jigs-Sweet Biddy Daley, The humors of Milltown-(key-A)
4. Reels-The Congress, Come west along the road-(key-A-G)
5. The Waltz-The Mocking bird hill-(key-B)
6. Set dances-The King of the fairies, The stack of barley-(key-E-G)
7. Hornpipes-Sliabh na mban, The fairies hornpipe-(key-G)
8. The Coalminers Reel-The woman of the house-(key-G)
9. Jigs-The Blackthorn stick, The Maid on the green-(key-G)
10. Scottish Dance-The Royal Scots Polka, Henry's Polka-(key-B)
11. Reels-Roaring Mary, The Tinker's daughter-(key-D)
12. Waltz-life in Finland woods-(key-B)
13. Hornpipes-The Dunleary Hornpipe, Reevy's Hornpipe-(key-G)

14. Jigs-The Knights of St. Patrick, The Connaught man's rambles-(key-D)
15. Reels-The King of the clans, Geehans Reel-(key-G)
16. Reels-Silver Spear, The Merry Blacksmith-(key-D)
17. Hornpipes-The Navigator, The Green castle-(key-G)